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Happy New Year!!!

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

Bye Bye 2019....Hello 2020!

Can you believe it! It is the first day 2020! And also would you believe I made my first batch of Black Eyed Pea’s (which I typically don't eat) for the New Year. Ya girl, typically doesn't cook beans but my Mom always did, so in an attempt to keep the tradition going I decide to make my first batch. They came out damn good, if I do say so myself. I am delighted for what the future holds for this year. This blog post in itself is a testament of the progress I’ve made on this this journey. Looks like the tradition is working already. lol Black Eyed Peas , Collard Greens and Cornbread...or some variation of it is a traditional New Years Day meal for many and derived from the South. Although I didn’t grow up in the south, the tradition still made it to Ohio. According to There are a variety of explanations for the symbolism of black-eyed peas. One is that eating these simple legumes demonstrates humility and a lack of vanity. The humble nature of the black-eyed pea is echoed by the old expression, “Eat poor on New Year's, and eat fat the rest of the year.” Another explanation is that dried beans loosely resemble coins. And an additional interpretation is that because dried beans greatly expand in volume when cooked, they symbolize expanding wealth”. So I guess I’ll going to keep this tradition going-with hot sauce of course. 🤷🏽‍♀️. I was just that good and definitely reminded me of Mom.

I’m so hopeful for 2020 to tell the truth, it’s the end of a turning point in my life, it’s also the beginning into the woman I’m seeking to be. I have grown tremendously. I have learned my strengths and my less than strong traits as well. When I tell you, establishing a relationship with God has been the best decision I've ever made in my life, and most likely an understatement. Honestly, its more like seeks You to be in relationship with Him. He has you so much love that can I hardly contain myself sometimes and it's for me, its for you. I was trying all my life to contain myself but this hold time, God wanted me to be free. Free from withholding, free of guilt, free from not owing my flaws, free of anger and resentment. Free from all the things that were along not to fully love and trust God. I didn’t fully trust the journey HE put me on, ya girl was faking it to make it in life. Once he entered my life, there was no more faking. God has made me a better person, a better mother, a better friend, a better listener and a better Child of God. There were times that I wanted to quit but that wasn't part of HIS plan and had further aligned my faith with purpose. I was a mess, living in constant doubt and constantly seeking perfection in many areas of my life. Due to this doubt and perfection seeking- I often felt overlooked, misunderstood, angry, isolated, and rejected. Gods unconditional love, His teachings, His protection and his preciseness has brought me a point of great internal evolution. I am now more confident in my decisions, more confident with myself for being who I am and was called to be. He has granted me freedom, love, versatility and an immeasurable strength all the while changing my mindset to remember to be more gentle with myself regarding my own thoughts, words and being more intentional with my actions. This blog is dedicated to my faith, my family and your love stories.

It's time for me to shine bright!

I welcome you along on this journey. I wish you and your family, a God Driven, Abundant and Prosperous New Year!!

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