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5 Tips for planning a brand session

Are you wanting to plan a branding session for your business but don’t know where to start? Let me help you. I specialize in helping women create powerful and concise imagery that highlight their brand. Planning and preparation will be key to a successful brand session. Branding is more than a color scheme, logo and website. It’s your strategy to obtain the clients you want and have them coming back over and over again.

When planning your branding session here are five tips to consider:

1. Write your plan. Create a list of how you will use the images. Be sure to consider the vibe of your brand and your target audience. A few examples are Website, Headshots, Product Launches and Social Media.

2. Create a Mood board. A mood board visually tells your brand’s story and sets the tone of your images. Having cohesive branding definitely helps capture the attention of your target clients.

3. Plan your Wardrobe. Best advice- Confidence shows! If your confident and comfortable in what you’re wearing it shows and if you not…..IT SHOWS! Be sure to select wardrobe options that exhibit your professional brand while also showing who you are. Consider using different colors and even patterns to give your wardrobe a boost. Different looks will allow for variety in your images. Some examples are professional/logoed attire, everyday casual wear and product images.

4. Select your location. Location choices should be determined by the type of audience/client you want to attract. Be sure your brand is consistent with your location selection to ensure a cohesive look in your images. Your photographer is a great resource to help determine locations to bring your vision life.

5. Be sure to accessorize. Adding props and accessories can be a fun way to show another size of your brand. Include items used to deliver your service or to showcase the client’s experience. Examples would be tablets, products, and your favorite coffee mug.

These awesome tips are the perfect formula for a successful branding session. Give me a call today to schedule yours.

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May 14, 2021

Great points

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