As a creative businesses we are the face of our businesses, what we represent as our personal brand is also our businesses brand.  Branding photos are just as important  for  you solopreneurs and small team companies as they are for the multimillion $ corporations. And with a savvy marketplace, this is only becoming more important for creative entrepreneurs. Branding photography elevates your online presence and takes your brand to the next level. Invest in how people see your brand and it won't feel like a saturated market any longer.

What's Included

So.... you're ready to take your business/ brand to the next level?? How exciting and you are in the perfect place. Let's chat and discuss your vision so that we can create beautiful imagery of you, your brand and your products. Each session includes:

  •  Phone consultation

  • 2 to 3 outfit changes

  • 1 to 2 locations (within a mile radius of one another) 

  • hour and a half photo shoot

  • digital images via personalized gallery

  • Sneak Peak and blog feature

Branding sessions & products

A little FAQ:

Where do we shoot?

The location of the shoot is determined by your needs. If you have an office, client show space or service on location that helps convey what your business is about, then we shoot there.

Do you offer payment plans?

I get it, as a small business owner, sometimes it's hard to pull the trigger on large investments. Nothing quite makes your palms sweat like having to write a large check, and that is why I offer monthly payments. While it may be hard to write a check for a large investment, I help make it more bite sized, allowing you to budget for the investment easier on a monthly basis. 

How does the payment plan work?

When you sign the contract and pick your package, we set you up on a re-occurring payment plan for 2 months for the total agreed upon. 

How do we figure out what to shoot?

After booking, we will schedule a video chat or phone call  for 30 minutes to an hour and hash out all the things you are currently doing in your business, and do an audit of your website, blog and Instagram. We talk about what has been working, what hasn't as well as the types of images you find yourself wishing you had but don't, then we make a plan! We have a spreadsheet that breaks down all the important photos you want on your website and how to shoot them. Planning everything from the angle, to the clothing, props and any pop colors that are on brand. We plan out the large and important images and then work in details and storytelling images throughout the shoot that work as supplement, social media and blog posts.


Does this include hair and makeup?

While the shoot itself doesn't include hair and makeup, I do highly recommend it, and suggest reaching out to Olivia Song at Supernatural Cosmetics or  I suggest connecting with her to schedule hair and makeup before our shoot.


Do you offer other branding services?

I am branding photographer and not a graphic designer, so my services provide you with the important photographic imagery that conveys what your company does, but I do NOT do the graphic design, logos, color picking etc that you would get with a traditional branding package. I do have great references for you if you are in need of a full branding package.


How long does the process take?

Usually we plan the session at least one month out from initial booking so that we have enough time to plan, brainstorm and source any props that would be needed. Since this photo shoot has a lot more thought and intention of what exactly we are shooting for, we want to make sure we have all the details planned before the shoot itself. Once the shoot is done, there is a 7-10 day turn around before your gallery is live. When your gallery goes live, you  can download and start using your images immediately!


Do I need to credit you when using the images?

Many folks are used to the requirement of crediting the photographer when using images online and social. This is usually required if the photographer has given the images for free to use (for example from a wedding or styled shoot). Since you are paying for my services to capture your brand, you've paid for the images and do NOT need to credit me when you use them. If you WANT to credit, I always appreciate, but if you want to have the focus just on you and your biz when you post, that is 100% okay!

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